Go File Sharing Crazy with SendItz


SendItz, an app and browser tool for sharing, receiving, and storing files, just got a big upgrade across the board.

Previously, users could only send others files up to 2 GB in size. Now, that’s pretty much unlimited – the official cap is a 100 GB file, but good luck finding and/or creating one of those. On top of that, transfer speeds are promised to be twice as fast as before. Received files can immediately be saved directly to devices, or shared over social media or messaging services, like Facebook or WhatsApp. All users will still have access to 1 TB of cloud storage, although SendItz cautions that that is subject to change.

So, now you have a pretty fast, easy way to share HD video files over the Internet. SendItz exists as a browser-based app, and can also be downloaded for free on iOS and Android devices. The app is cross-platform, so you can access your account and files regardless of which device you’re using. Right now, the update is live for iOS, but the browser tool and Android app pages don’t yet reflect the new changes.

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