Sharp Enters the 4K TV Market


The 4K TV era is just getting underway, with Sharp as the latest to join the party in the United States.

Sharp’s first 4K TV to be released in the United States is a hulking 69.5” AQUOS Ultra HD LED TV, with a resolution of 3840 x 2160. Since we’re still light on actual 4K content available, the TV will be able to upscale non-4K media and make it look that much sharper. In fact, it’s so 4K that currently, the new AQUOS is the only television in the world bearing THX’ 4K certification.

Sharp also has its own smart TV platform, called SmartCentral, which can be found on the new 4K AQUOS. That features all the usual suspects, like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, Facebook, and Skype, as well as a proprietary Flash-enabled Web browser. Also, Sharp TVs with SmartCentral have the always-welcome ability to browse the Web and watch television at the same time, in split-screen mode.

The television also comes with its own sound system, which features six speakers that handle a variety of ranges separately. There are mid-range speakers, tweeters, and Sharp’s DuoBass dual subwoofer.

As with any 4K TV coming out now, this thing is built for the future. Four HDMI inputs, an SD card slot, and two USB ports can be used to view your own content – which will be even better once you actually own devices that can record 4K content. And, because why not, passive 3D is included in the package, with two Bluetooth 3D glasses coming with the TV.

By the way, if you think 69.5” of black LCD screen is not going to gibe with the decor, you can set the TV to display wallpaper, which can be photos you have taken.

The 69.5” Sharp AQUOS Ultra HD LED TV is dropping in in mid-August in the United States, for about $8,000.

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