Resurrection of Sierra On-Line Games Continues with Police Quest Reboot

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Apparently, resuscitating adventure games old enough to be found on floppy disks via Kickstarter is going to be a thing now. First Leisure Suit Larry got the reboot, and now it’s Police Quest‘s turn.

Original creator Jim Walls is behind Precinct, a revival of the old Police Quest series, another Sierra title. The Police Quest games are probably still the most faithful adaptations of police work in all of video games – they were adventure titles that demanded strict adherence to police protocol. Strict adherence – didn’t do a vehicle check before hitting the road? Turn in your badge and gun, Sonny, you’re off the force. Those devilish details were mixed in with police investigations, murders, and intrigue – if you had the patience to keep playing. Then again, this was the ’80s, and if you were playing video games on a computer, you were probably happy enough to just be doing that.

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Precinct will be a modern update, but will still play like a classic adventure title. The view will be flipped around into first person, as you play a brave rookie officer named Maxwell Jones in the seedy, corrupt town of Fraser Canyon, California. Now that we have 3D graphics engines instead of huge pixels, Walls, a former cop himself, is set on including shootouts, car chases, foot chases, and any other kind of high-speed action that goes along with being a cop. The classic adventure elements will still be there in puzzles and in conducting investigations.

If you think Walls deserves a shot at bringing his brainchild into the 21st century, you can pitch a few dollars in the way of his Kickstarter. It’s probably worth it just to learn a little about police protocol and code. It would also probably be worth it to get some insight into how hard it is to actually be a cop, which is probably much, much more complicated than many would give it credit for. And, hey, Precinct looks like it’s going to be just about the only true-to-life cop game out there – even the stories are lifted from actual events.