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12th Doctor Who Announced, But What if it Had Been a Woman?

The Twelfth Doctor Who has been chosen and guess what? It is another man. Not that we have anything against men, but would it have been too much to ask for a woman to be the next Doctor? For a show that tends to be progressive (remember Torchwood was a spin-off), Doctor Who can still be pretty stodgy at times. Color us disappointed! Even if it had been just half a season, couldn’t the Doctor have morphed into an intelligent woman with perhaps a male traveling companion this time? Or even a female traveling companion? I’m confident that the Doctor Who audience would have been able to handle the extra estrogen. After all, it has been the female traveling companions that have often stolen the spotlight many times over the years – River Song, Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, and yes, even Martha Jones, just to name a few.

But alas, the BBC has disappointed us with the news that the Twelfth Doctor will be played by Peter Capaldi. Yet, we can’t help but lament, and wonder, if there was ever a chance for a female Doctor Who, who would we have picked? Below are 5 front-runners in our mind. And hey, perhaps there is always hope for the Thirteenth Doctor.

1. Jamie Murray

Jamie Murray may be busy playing an alien on Defiance, and H.G. Wells on Warehouse 13, but there is one role she was born to play and that could be the next Doctor Who. She has got it all, the sass, the smarts, and the sex appeal. There was even a brief time on Twitter when some were campaigning for her to be the next Who. Oh well, we can only hope Stahma gets her just desserts in time for the 13th regeneration.


2. Rachel Shelly

She is one of those actresses that you have seen everywhere, but don’t remember from where exactly. Rachel has got the charm and wits to be the next Doctor Who. She is already pretty familiar with magic, thanks to a brief stint on Once Upon a Time as Rumplestiltskin frustrated wife.


3. Eva Green

Eva is well versed in the world of fantasy and mind games, having played everyone from Morgan on Camelot to one of James Bond’s love interests. So you might say that knowing how to outwit and maneuver dangerous foes comes second nature to this vixen. A tormented Doctor Who makes for delicious television. Not too mention – talk about adding a little va-va-voom to that boring old Tardis!


4. Lenora Crichlow

Lenora also knows a thing or two about being stuck in between dimensions. Her character on the british version of Being Human was a ghost, and having to communicate without being seen was no easy task. She also proved to be the ultimate hero in the series. As a Doctor Who, she would bring to the table humanity, humor, and a much needed dose of diversity to a typically white Doctor Who world.


5. Kristin Scott Thomas

Looking for a sophisticated Doctor Who? One who has seen and done it all, but still looks great? Kristin can bring that sophisticated and brainy Doctor Who to the forefront, and she wears her age very well. After all, a mature Doctor would react a little less hasty and think about the big picture before jetting off to the next time zone. And lets’ face it, she knows how to deal with English Patients.

So who would be your pick for a female Doctor Who?


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  1. A female Doctor Who would have been an awful pandering to a nonsense PC clamouring. Most of the people who wanted a female doctor didn’t even watch the show. They just wanted their PC moment in the sun, but were not concerned that it would destroy the dynamic of the show or break so much of the canon. There’s nothing wrong with strong female characters in show, but honestly, clamouring for an already established male characters to be switched to a woman is just embarrassing.

  2. You could be right but the mere fact that you’re just another dude doesn’t help your argument. If anyone else says this kind of thing then maybe there’s room for the thought…that said, there’s still plenty of alternatives to explore and sure what’s left AFTER the 12th dies, does the whole thing go in reverse from an opposite viewpoint? You just never know with a brilliant show like this! ;p

  3. Would you make Sherlock female? Would you make James Bond female? Do you want a lesbian black crippled female doctor as the 12th? Wouldn’t that be so PC.
    The doctor shouldn’t be female. Not only would it break so much established canon, but it would also ruin the character completely. It really would be a bad move, remember this is a kids show in essence, so you cant really do anything too radical like make the main character a woman, it would be too confusing. It would alienate loads of the fans whilst making a small group of people very happy. Peter Capaldi is an oscar winner, he is one of the best actors to play the doctor, why don’t you stop whining that the doctor isn’t a woman and just watch the show.
    Also, I bet the 13th doctor will be a man, because its a male role.

  4. I wouldn’t. I think it would be a HUGE mistake to make the Doctor female.

    We all know that Timelords can change gender, even species, doesn’t mean they should.

    (PS: Check out my DW fan-fic “THE ARESIAN SAGA”. Just Goggle the title and click on the keepandshare link.)

  5. The doctor is married to River Song so that would be totally weird. But the 13th doctor should have red hair!

  6. Yes a female doctor would be cool but i am sort of glad the doctor is going to be a male I just think a female doctor would have been to big a change for some viewers. Remember Doctor Who caters for a large audience, males and females, from 10 to 60 maybe older. Its kind of hard to explain my opinion. The doctor is an icon and believe it or not people look up to the character, past and previous regenerations. The Doctor shows a different side to what males can be, in TV shows and movies males are often pictured as strong, handsome, nerves of steel, basically not exactly how your typical guys appears to be in real life. The Doctor does show some of these aspects, but mostly at the level a typical person would. He is a role model of sorts. He shows people that you can solve problems not just with strength, but with your brain.
    So please stop complaining that The Doctor is a male, as I pointed out there is probably a reason for it.

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