Barcelona Bird Feeder Is Posh Living For Privileged Birds

birdfeeder2Are your neighborhood birds still eating out of that old Coke bottle you rigged up years ago? Man, that’s probably leaking out BPAs into the food by now. No, that won’t do. It’s time for the local birds to move on up in the world, out of that low-rent dank bird condo and into the Barcelona Bird Feeder.

This is a bird rest stop with amenities. Besides looking awesome (it’s based on Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion, showcased at the World ExPo in 1929) and being made of acacia wood, this feeder has a little table inside (yeah, inside) that rests on two poles, and carries the food. Outside (yeah, outside), there’s a birdbath, but not some weak faux marble looking thing with a little mermaid on top. It has a black basin that complements the acacia wood and can be removed for individual cleaning. Also, birds will be pleased to know that their less fortunate wild brethren won’t be hurt too much in the making of this feeder – the acacia wood is from sustainable forests in Europe.

For $200, your birds can live in luxury, and you get yourself a beautiful piece of outdoor furniture to show off. Everyone’s living the high life!

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