Jabra Sport Wireless+ are Workout Ready In-ears

Jabra SPORT_04_1440x810_01Jabra already nailed the sport headphones with their wireless Jabra Sport earphones. Now, they’re just making them a little better – hence the +.

The Jabra Sport Wireless+ earphones aren’t a huge departure from the Jabra Sport set. They’re wireless thanks to a Bluetooth connection, and still have military-grade water, dust, and shock resistance (and are sweat-proof). The integrated FM radio is also still there, in case you want to go at your exercise regimen with empty pockets. Even the free three-month subscription to the fitness app Endomondo Premium is still coming along for the ride. They’re the same set of earphones that have always been ideal for exercising.

So, what’s new? The Jabra Sport Wireless+ has extended battery life, for one – four hours of talk time, and over 120 hours of standby. Other than that, these will simply stay in and on your ears better. There’s a new ear clip that fits more securely, and the Wireless+ earphones come with seven different sets of soft eartips, so you can get just the right fit.

The Jabra Sport Wireless+ earphones are available now in Verizon stores and on Amazon for about $100.

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