JBL WR2.4 Wireless Headphones Review

Wireless headphones existed long before bluetooth was a thing. Directly streaming audio over a 2.4GHz wireless connection has its benefits, and JBL recently built a pair of headphones with those benefits in mind. The JBL WR2.4 headphones are digital 2.4GHz wireless rechargeable over-ear headphones.

Again, the WR2.4’s are not bluetooth headphones, instead they have a base station that transmits audio up to 100 feet to the over-ear headphones. The main advantage to this setup is compatibility. You can easily hook up wireless headphones to your TV, computer, home audio system, or non-bluetooth mp3 player. The main disadvantage is that the base station is plugged into the wall, so you lose out on the portability function. The range, clarity, and [lack of] delay on JBL’s WR2.4 are all a little better than most bluetooth headphones.

The WR2.4s are indeed large headphones. They’re over-ear, and will fit over even the largest ears with their foam ear cushions. The headband is adjustable and will fit the largest of heads. The headphones are surprisingly lightweight, which is attributed to their plasticky, yet pretty durable, build.

There’s a few controls that run around the earcups. There’s a volume up/down rocker, a power button, a signal LED, and a power LED. The volume is independent from your audio source volume. There’s removable rechargeable batteries if you remove the right earcup. The battery lasts 8 hours and charges when you place it on the dock.

The audio quality is really good, with a little room for improvement. The audio quality is really clear especially considering the wireless range. The mids are well balanced and the highs are pretty decent. The bass is on the lighter side, and a tad flat, but not too bad by any means.

We have to admit, it seems a little strange in this day and age to release wireless headphones that aren’t bluetooth….but with that said, they still make a lot of sense for using inside the house. Cutting the cord is invigorating, and you can finally gift wireless to any sort of in-home audio device. It’s especially convenient if you want to enjoy tv, movies, music, or games while keeping the home quiet. It’s compatible with just about any audio device and the base station has a red/white audio cable input with an included auxiliary Y-cable so you can plug it straight into any headphone port. The JBL WR2.4 Wirelss Over-Ear Headphones retail for $99.99. You can find them at BestBuy.com, but you can find them for as low as $45 on Amazon.

The Good: Rechargeable battery, Good range, Comfortable, Pretty good sound quality, Standard audio cable included, Easy to use

The Bad: No bluetooth, Can’t use outside of home, Foam earcups screw off too easily

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