Someone Please Fast Forward These Leggings to Next Year’s Fashion Season


Despite all appearances, you’ll be spared from anything actually related to bovine excrement today, unless you live next to a dairy farm or something. No, that’s just the brand name (five o’s, in case you didn’t want to count), for whatever reason. What they’re selling is tights.

Apparently sheer, transparent tights decorated with designs made to look like tattoos are catching on in Japan, which means they’re going to try to make the trip over the Pacific next. These tights are indeed completely see-through, except for the parts with fast-forward arrows. No word on whether or not they’ll make you run faster, but hey, might as well give them a shot, right? I personally do not get why you would want to wear transparent tights with designs? When it comes to fashion in Japan, it always seems like we are scratching our heads. But being a audio-geek, I might consider giving these a pass.

The Cowpooooop Fast Forward Arrow Tights are available for $45 on Japan Trend Shop, but it’ll take an extra $12 for them to waft on over stateside.

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