‘NSYNC Wants You Back: Band Joins Twitter Ahead of MTV VMAs


We hope Brooklyn doesn’t blow up tomorrow! Between the dueling pop-divas Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, and everything in between, we’re not sure that the borough can handle all of this pop-culture drama. The Barclays Center might also get another surprise in the form of an ‘NSYNC reunion. But are you ready to have your strings pulled by ‘NSYNC once again?

The reunion rumor has being going around for a while now, but the flames are definitely being fanned tonight since the boy band just joined Twitter ahead of the VMA’s. Within in one day the group has already acquired nearly 80,000 followers. Now that may be lame considering the staggering amount of followers Justin Timberlake has. But all-in-all it certainly makes a very nice way to softly hint at a reunion.

The boy band has good taste in the few celebrities they are following though. The list includes Ellen Degeneres, Jimmy Fallon, Ryan Seacrest, Haley from Paramore, and a random Tequila company. So is this a big tease? Is a performance or any sort of reunion in the works? We can only tune in a find out tomorrow – damn you MTV, you almost make me want to watch you again.

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