$9k Samsung Curved OLED TV Packs in Multi-View Splitscreen Feature

Well, we started out with convex television screens, and that was nice for a while. Then we went to flat screens. So, it’s only natural that the next step is concave screens, right?

That’s where we are with the Samsung KN55S9C, a 55” curved OLED television. If you’re not familiar, know that OLED is very different than LED – LED televisions are actually LCD screens with LED backlighting. OLED (organic light-emitting diode) is a different kind of LED that uses an organic compound to light up when activated by electricity. The important differences here are that OLED screens can be flexible (hence why this one is bent) and don’t require backlighting. That second part means that OLED televisions are capable of deeper blacks, and thus improved contrast ratios. Response times are also faster, decreasing blur and ghosting.

So, long story short, picture quality is a lot better than LED televisions. But, that’s not the only trick Samsung’s newest television has up its sleeve. The KN55S9C also comes with MultiView – two people wearing Samsung’s 3D Active Glasses can watch two different programs in Full HD on one television, simultaneously. In fact, both can even be watching different 3D content at the same time. So, no more fights over what to watch – both people can watch whatever they want to watch, blissfully isolated from the person sitting right next to them, which I guess is sort of depressing, too? All jokes aside, we tried out the MultiView feature and were quite impressed. It works just as advertised! When you put on the active glasses, you really are having a totally personal video viewing experience, and the clarity of the picture is excellent. It’s like a magic trick come to life.

The television is also of-course a Smart TV, with all of Samsung’s usual Smart TV offerings, including Smart Hubs and S-Recommendation. Happily, the television will also work with Samsung’s Evolution Kit, which the company announced earlier this year. The Evolution Kits allow owners to upgrade the guts of their television to meet the quality of next year’s model, without having to buy a whole new set.

The Samsung KN55S9C OLED television is shipping out now, and might be a little less expensive than you were expecting – $9,000.

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