10 iPhone 5C Cases For Every Personality

You’re going plastic. The iPhone 5C is out, and you’re ready to make the move to the slightly more damage-proof trappings that plastic offers. But wait! That doesn’t mean you can get away with not having a case. Plastic can and will crack the moment you drop it down a flight of stairs, and besides, it’s fun to play dress-up with your phone, anyway.

So, you need to accessorize your new iPhone 5C. Just get a case straight from Apple, right? You could, if their Swiss cheese-looking cases that make it look like you’re carrying something called a ‘non’ weren’t an affront to good taste. No, you’re going to need to look elsewhere if you want to properly hook your new phone up with the case it deserves. Here are nine (yeah, that was fast) front-runners for iPhone 5C case dominance.


Case Scenario Crystal Case


The designer choice for the iPhone 5C, the Case Scenario Crystal Case line features the artwork of Keith Haring overlaid on a transparent, soft shell case. These get extra points for clever use of the Apple logo underneath the case in the designs. The group of people doing a sort of ritualistic folk dance around the Apple logo is a particularly nice touch. The Case Scenario Crystal Cases by Keith Haring can be pre-ordered now for €15, or about $20.


Belkin Outrigger


Planning on going off the beaten path with your new iPhone 5C? Check out Belkin’s Outrigger case, possibly the most rugged offering in the early going. It has a polycarbonate shell for shock absorption, then wraps around another layer of TPU material to make the whole thing a little more resistant to damage and a little easier to hold onto. This one also has raised edges screen-side, to prevent scratches on the display. And it just has that outdoorsy look to it. The Belkin Outrigger case also stays on the affordable side, at $30.


X-Doria Scene Plus


The X-Doria Scene Plus cases find a happy medium between showing off your iPhone 5C colors and adding a little extra flair. These hard-cases are semi-transparent, decorated with patterns (bubbles, stripes, or tribal) that are put on using a multi-layered process, giving off a kind of 3D effect. They partially cover the back of your iPhone 5C in a stylish way! Maybe Apple should take design notes. Anyway, these cases also have raised rubber edges to protect against scratches on the screen and also manage to be reasonably priced – the X-Doria Scene Plus cases cost $30 each.

Casetagram Custom Cases

FBIG_1 (1)

This is for iPhone 5C owners who want to truly customize, and tell their own story by using social images. With these custom cases, users can have their one-of-a-kind phone case by logging in with their Instagram or Facebook account at Casetagram.

Seidio Ledger


Just because it’s plastic doesn’t mean it can’t look classy enough for the office. For the professional, you can outfit your iPhone 5C with the Seidio Ledger case, your go-to flip case. It’s made of polyurethane, with microfiber lining on the inside of the flip cover to keep the screen clean and scratch-free. And, there’s a bonus card slot on the inside to lighten your wallet a little. Speaking of lightening your wallet, the Seidio Ledger case will cost you $35.


Incipio Stowaway



The Incipio Stowaway case is your multi-purpose solution for iPhone 5C protection. It’s a hard case with a soft Flex2O core, providing protection against scratches and shocks alike. The best part is that the back opens up to reveal a compartment that can hold three credit cards or IDs. And, while you have that compartment open, feel free to prop your new phone up – the lid also functions as a stand. The handy Incipio Stowaway case is selling for $35.


Cygnett Pink Form


Is the pink iPhone 5C not pink enough for you? Fix that problem with the Cygnett Pink Form case. This hot pink hard case has a glossy finish, for maximum pink, along with aluminum detailing on the Cygnett logo on the bottom. Pink on pink? When else are you going to get to do that with a smartphone? Going pink with the Cygnett Pink Form case will cost you just £10, or about $15, making it one of the cheapest iPhone 5C cases in the early going.


M-Edge Snap


The M-Edge Snap cases think they can do better at style than the colorful iPhone 5C. They’re covering those colors up completely with their own designs, including black and white polka dots and a quartet of designs from Trina Turk. They’re all snap-on hard cases, with Turk’s name and designs on the latter four. The M-Edge Snap cases are going for $25, although you’ll have to pay a $5 designer premium on the Trina Turk cases, bringing the price up to $30.


Griffin Reveal


You want some protection, but hey, those colors on the iPhone 5C aren’t half bad. Why hide them? Griffin’s Reveal case lets the iPhone 5C do all the talking – raised rubber edges to protect the screen from drops are joined with a transparent polycarbonate back that is only one millimeter thick. That means you get full Apple logo to show off, plus the protection of a polycarbonate case. Best of both worlds! And, as befits the iPhone 5C, it’s cheap – Griffin’s Reveal case is just $20.

Moshi iGlaze Remix



Finally, we have the Moshi iGlaze Remix cases, which just give you more color options. Don’t like the stock colors that the iPhone 5C comes in? Grab one of these two-tone hard cases, which come in onyx black, porcelain white, diablo blue, mustang yellow, corsa red, and rose pink. How much for the Moshi iGlaze Remix cases? We don’t know, just that they’re coming soon.


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