Slacker Gets a Facelift and New ‘My Vibe’ Feature

slackerFresh off a new release for iOS 7, Slacker Radio is bringing some of their new app features to Android in an update, including My Vibe, which features custom-made playlists for different situations.

Slacker Radio has always been about the concept of the radio, first and foremost. That’s why they’re big on curated playlists, and offer actual radio stations hosted by DJs in addition to on-demand streaming music. My Vibe is just an extension of the curated playlist idea. Rather than go through the work of building your own workout playlist, for example, you can just tune in to a workout playlist that the people behind Slacker Radio have whipped up. There are curated playlists for dozens of scenarios, like road trips, study sessions, and parties.

You’ll also see an updated design for the app, which, admittedly, was made more to fit the iOS 7 design aesthetic. It should still look just fine on an Android.

The new iOS 7 version of Slacker Radio is already available, and you can expect to see the Android version available very soon.

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