Sony HDR-MV1 Video Recorder is For DIY Music Videos [Hands-on]

Devices are getting really specific these days. Now, Sony is unveiling a brand new camcorder made just for people who want to make their own music videos and share them instantly. Better brush up on your guitar.

What sets the Sony HDR-MV1 apart is its audio. Usually, audio on camcorders is the weak link, making them less than ideal for capturing musical performances. Not so with the HDR-MV1, which records in uncompressed Linear PCM or AAC formats. It has a 120-degree X-Y stereo microphone, which results in clear, undistorted audio. But, if that’s not good enough, you can also use your external microphone of choice with the HDR-MV1, as well. There’s a speaker on the camcorder, too, so you can immediately get a sense of whether or not a second take is needed.

Of course, video is still going to be Sony’s strength, and it shows. The Exmor RCMOS sensor is back-lit for low-light conditions (you know, if you need to get the fog machine out), and will take 1080p video. A wide-angle 120-degree Carl Zeiss lens is there to make sure your whole garage fits into the picture, if needed.

There are a few nice extras, too. Audio Lip Sync makes sure that video and audio stay synced, and Wi-Fi and NFC support makes it easy to get your new ticket to stardom on your gateways to the world – your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

The Sony HDR-MV1 will be available this December for $300.

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