Travel As Mario Would with the Travel Boy Carry-on

travel boyPacking and unpacking is no easy task, but if you are a traveling tech journalist or a geek at heart – then the Travel Boy Carry-On Luggage is a must have piece of traveling arsenal. The travel boy carry-on luggage easily fits all of your necessities. That includes lots of pockets and zippers for all of your battery packs, essential cables, video games, and outlet converters.  Oh yeah, and it will fit your clothes too.

The exterior of the case is designed to take a beating and won’t require you to blow on it if it fails to roll in unison with you.  Four swivel casters make the travel boy easy to maneuver in sticky situations and it’ll guarantee you a power-up at the TSA security line, once this bag passes through the X-Ray machine.


And the best part? No batteries are required. All you are missing is the Beach Boy Towel and you are ready for the beaches of nerd island. The Travel Boy Carry-On Luggage retails for $69.99.

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