Libratone LOOP is Pure Speaker Candy

The Libratone Loop is the latest in the long line of speakers-as-design-choice, with a take on the home speaker that somewhat resembles the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A9, going for the rounded dome look.

But, unlike the A9, the Loop has a wool covering over the speaker system, to give it a softer, warmer look for your interior design. Inside, there’s a 5” subwoofer providing passive bass and two 1” tweeters that push out sound in all directions, giving off something like a stereo effect.

The Loop can be propped up on the stand included, or can be mounted onto your wall without too much fuss. Around back, you’ll see a 3.5 mm jack and a USB port. For wireless streaming to the Loop, you can use either Apple AirPlay or any DLNA-approved devices.

And, being that it’s playing the design card, the Loop comes in tons of different colors. Unfortunately, you can only buy it in three colors – black, grey, and red. There are six other colors available, but you can only get those by buying an extra wool cover for your Loop.

The Libratone Loop is being sold now at Apple stores, among other retailers, for $500.

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