MEEP! X2 Will Entice Kids To Stay Away from Your iPad

MEEP! X2 - FrontOregon Scientific is refreshing their Meep! kids tablet with the Meep! X2, which brings a boost in specs and some other fun extras that might make this one the flashiest, most interesting kids tablet on the market.

There are no shortage of kids tablets today, whether they be completely closed-off systems like the ones VTech makes or actual Android tablets with built-in parental controls. There are enough out there to where competition is getting tough – hence the X2. The 7” X2 has a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor with 1 GB of RAM and runs Android 4.2. There are rear and front cameras, and Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, and HDMI out for connectivity. Like the Meep!, there are 4 GB of storage space, along with a microSD card slot. There’s also a gyroscope inside, for gaming.

Of course, the software side, and particularly the parental controls, is what makes or breaks a kids tablet. Virtually a prerequisite for kids Android tablets, Meep! has its own app store, which is stocked only with kid-friendly apps. Kids can make purchases on the Meep! store with coins, which parents can mete out to kids like an allowance through the parental controls.

As far as direct parental controls go, Meep! takes the Big Brother route. Parents can remotely access their kids’ Meep! tablet – completely. From any web browser, parents can access the Meep! tablet in question and have a look at chats, instant messaging, usage habits – pretty much everything done on the tablet. Parents can even take control of the tablet remotely if something especially untoward is going on. This is in addition to web filters, restrictions, and time limits for usage, all of which parents can manage remotely. It seems like a good mix between letting the kids have some freedom while remaining in control of the situation.

There are also dozens of kid-friendly games and apps that come pre-loaded onto the X2, in case you’re not keen on spending a whole lot of coins on apps (although that’s probably going to happen anyway). Of course, this is all old hat. The way the Meep! X2 tries to set itself apart is with a host of branded accessories that you can get with the tablet, like stands, headphones, travel cases, external speakers, and peripherals.

You can find the Meep! X2 online and in stores at Toys’R’Us as of today for $150.

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