Just Say Yezz to a $20 Phone with Whatsapp

whatsappLittle-known mobile phone maker Yezz is trying to make a bigger name for itself by packing in Whatsapp into its line of budget phones.

Yezz makes both smartphones running Android and non-smartphones running their own Youzerz UI. The latter will now come with Whatsapp functionality included, which remains one of the most popular cross-platform instant messaging apps worldwide. Yezz is saying that Whatsapp will appear on some mobile phones under $20, but there are no sub-$20 phones on Yezz’ online store at present. It’s not clear yet whether a price cut is in order or if Yezz is gearing up to release new, lower-cost models.

But, their stable of mobiles certainly falls within the budget pricing range, and have the advantage of being dual-SIM and unlocked at purchase. Keep an eye on Yezz for more information about the new phones with Whatsapp in the near future.

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