Asprey’s Luxury Cocktail Shakers Make For Pricey New Year’s Cocktails


These cocktail shakers are $10,000. Why are these cocktail shakers $10,000? Let’s investigate.

Well, it’s because they’re made of silver. Sterling silver. Asprey of London hallmarked sterling silver. And, that’s about all I’ve got. These shakers, the cost of which could pay for so, so many bottles of liquor of all quantities and qualities, are made of Apsrey’s silver. Asprey silver is no joke, as the $10,000 price tag might suggest. Needless to say, if you wanted a large, large injection of class into your New Year’s Eve party, this would be how you do it. Also, with the dumbbell cocktail shaker, you could pretend like you’re working out with the world’s most expensive Shake Weight. So, there’s that.


The dumbbell, lighthouse, and rocket cocktail shakers all run $10,000. The lighthouse and rocket shakers also come with colored enamel details – a black stripe and yellow light on the former, and red fins on the latter.

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