Who Knew That Pencils Would Make Hot Stilettos?

screenshot_1834The stiletto isn’t known for being the most fun-loving shoe, for a lot of reasons. But, here we have one that finally doesn’t take itself too seriously – Write, from Kobi Levi.

Definitely an A+ for design here – the stilettos are done up in a pencil and ruled paper motif. It’s a shame it’s not back-to-school shopping season, but fortunately we’re right in the thick of holiday shopping season. I’m sure someone can earn a little extra credit if they make these appear under the tree this year.

The shoes have a pencil as the stiletto (but, you know, stronger than your average pencil – no broken ankles here, we hope). The rest of the shoe brings back memories of that weird stuff that comes from trees and has lines on it and you used to write on it before computers. Paper? I think that was it.

As always, good style doesn’t come cheap – the bright white Write stilettos are selling for $800.


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