Virtual Try-On Room Will Change the Way You Shop Online

In honor of upcoming Cyber Monday, here’s a way you’ll soon be able to shop for clothes and accessories from home – while still trying before buying. It’s a new program called Swivel, an augmented reality experience that shows you wearing clothes, accessories, or cosmetics.

The developers, FaceCake, use the Kinect for full-body effects and webcams for the face – when trying on sunglasses, for example. Either way, it opens the door for trying on hundreds of things in minutes – forget the article limits you always run into in stores. You would just select an article of clothing in an interface that resembles a Kinect game, and the program will put it on you on screen. You can binge on shopping all from home in ways that were never possible before. Your self-control is going to be tested in unprecedented ways.

You can check out a Yahoo! report on FaceCake’s main page to see the technology in action. It’s rough around the edges, especially for trying on clothing and jewelry, but keep in mind that this is just the beginning. FaceCake is planning on continuing to sharpen Swivel, so that it can give you ever more accurate visualizations to inform your increasingly hastily made shopping decisions.


It’s not limited to clothing and accessories, though. Cosmetics and hair dyes can be tested out, so you won’t have to tell yourself ‘you know, I think I’d look good with orange hair’, all to find out too late that you maybe didn’t have that one right.

Swivel might not be limited to online shopping, either. There are talks of bringing Swivel to department stores and malls, which would allow you to try on a lot more things at once. Eventually, you’ll be able to upload your own clothing, too, so you can see how a new bag would look with one of your outfits at home. If you’re a die-hard shopper, you can probably see how Swivel holds a ton of potential. Again, just ready the self-control part of your brain. You’re going to need it.

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