Jawbone Redesigns and Revamps ERA Headset for Siri

Bluetooth speakers might be all the rage these days, but Jawbone is returning to its roots with the new and improved Jawbone ERA bluetooth headset. This tiny, but fashion forward headset, is designed to not only be comfortable and great for making calls, but it has also been revamped to take better advantage of Siri and other voice commands systems that are already built in to your phone. Do you ever get frustrated using Siri or Google Now? It could be that your phone just doesn’t hear you clearly. Fortunately, ERA addresses that with its NoiseAssassin 4.0 noise cancellation that eliminates background noise more effectively.

And believe it or not, many users actually do use their bluetooth headset for music. So Jawbone has redesigned the ERA’s acoustic system to sound better too. With the new ERA you can easily switch back and forth between music and an incoming call with the push of a button.

Aside from being super small, heck it’s 42% smaller than Jawbone’s first Era headset, the new Era is also available in 4 colors, – black, silver, brown, and red, so that it will blend in nicely with all hair color types.

An update to the Jawbone app will also let you customize the ERA from your smartphone and let you use the Jawbone app to access music playlists from iTunes, Spotify and Rdio. The app will also help you locate the ERA if it gets lost, which is pretty likely, considering how tiny it is.

Jawbone is also selling the ERA with an optional matching charging case which adds 6 hours of battery life to the headset when you’re on the go. The new Jawbone ERA retails for $99 without the charging case and it’s available for $129 with the charging case. It’s available today from Jawbone.com and Verizon, but will soon be available at other retailers.

Update 1/22/2014: Check out our full review of the Jawbone ERA

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