Lenovo Yoga and Flex Models Get Revamped

Lenovo released the Yoga 2 Pro last year, a high-powered multi-purpose notebook/tablet/anything you want it to be. At CES this year, Lenovo is releasing the Yoga 2 for the rest of us – a scaled down and, more importantly, more affordable notebook that doesn’t skimp on all the things that make the Yoga line great.

Lenovo will be coming out with two new Yoga 2 models – an 11” notebook and a 13” notebook. Like the rest of the line, the main feature of the Yoga 2 will be the 360 degree hinge, which can be locked into one of four modes – laptop, stand, tent, or tablet. The two models are the more modest successors to the Yoga 11s from last year.

The 11” model will be .67” thick and weigh 2.9 pounds. The quad-core Intel Pentium processors that will be powering the 11” Yoga 2 might leave a little to be desired, but they do help keep the price ridiculously cheap for what is still a fully-featured Windows 8.1 notebook. You’ll also find up to a 500 GB HDD for storage.

The more robust 13” model will feature up to a 4th generation Intel core i5 processor and a 1920 x 1080 resolution display packed into a .68” thick, 3.5-pound frame. Here, you can choose between a 500 GB HDD or SSD, and you’ll also score a backlit keyboard.

Along with the new Yoga 2 models, Lenovo is also showing off their new Flex 14D and 15D laptops. Lenovo’s larger laptops, the 14” and 15” machines run on AMD quad-core processors and graphics. These aren’t technical powerhouses and don’t have the flexibility of the Yoga, although they do have 180 degree hinges, so you can bend them into stand mode if you wish.

The Yoga 2 Pro still remains Lenovo’s premiere laptop, but the new machines on display at CES have one big thing going for them – price. The new Yoga 2 models start at $530 and $1,000 for the 11” and 13”, respectively. That $530 price tag is pretty incredible for what is still a pretty good notebook. The 11” model will hit stores in late January, with the 13” model following close behind in February. Meanwhile, the Flex 14D and 15D can be found in stores now, starting at $500.

Flex 14D
Flex 14D

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