Philips’ New Portable Bluetooth Speaker Line-up Gets Rugged

Philips is letting loose with three new portable Bluetooth speakers at CES this year, and all of them are ready to take some punishment on the road.

The BR-1X is a mid-sized Bluetooth speaker with dual 2” drivers. Like a lot of mid-sized Bluetooth speakers out there, the BR-1X can be daisy-chained with other like speakers for a louder sound, if you’re outside somewhere with friends. If you do find yourself outside, you can choose outdoor mode, which provides heavier, louder audio, as opposed to indoor mode’s focus on clarity in the highs and deep bass.

The Shoqbox XL is a little more in the tradition of a boombox, thanks to two 3” woofers. It has the same indoor and outdoor modes as the BR-1X above, but really, the point here is that the Shoqbox is made to get loud. It’s the ideal party speaker of the bunch, especially when you throw in one-touch NFC connectivity. And, like the BR-1X, it has a tough build that will survive its share of party mishaps.

As you might have guessed, the third member of this group of speakers is the mini Bluetooth speaker. Called Dot, the rubber exterior is shock and splash proof, making it ideal for bad weather and the beach alike. And, in an interesting little design quirk, you can turn Dot off quickly just by turning it upside down.

The BR-1X and Dot will be coming to market in February for $90 and $70, respectively. The Shoqbox XL will arrive in June with a $200 price tag, just in time for summer.

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