T-Mobile LTE vs AT&T LTE – Which is Faster in NYC?

T-Mobile LTE Hotspot

We have been eager to test out T-Mobile’s LTE network ever since the carrier officially unleashed their new network last year. T-Mobile claims that their LTE network is actually faster than AT&T’s LTE network. But is it really?

We tested T-Mobile’s LTE speeds using the Samsung LTE Mobile HotSpot PRO. With its built-in color display, and support for up to 10 devices at once, this is one of the most premium hotspots on the market. Its large display shows off the amount of data that you have used, along with the current time, battery, and reception bars. All in all, it’s certainly nice to have all of this information available to you right on the face of the hotspot, but size-wise, the Samsung LTE Mobile HotSpot PRO is one of the largest hotspots we have ever used. Fortunately, as a hotspot it performs well, has proven to be very reliable, and it also offers very good battery life thanks to its 3100 mAh battery. Speaking of its battery, the hotspot can actually be used as a battery pack that is able to charge your smartphone on the go, and this is certainly a welcome feature to have.

In any case, going back to T-Mobile’s LTE speeds, testing side by side, T-Mobile’s LTE speeds trumped AT&T’s network speeds. We tested in Midtown Manhattan with SpeedTest.net and saw 36.28 Mbps down and 13.53 Mbps up. When we tested in the same spot, with AT&T, we saw speeds of 26.97 Mbps down and 4.16 Mbps up. In addition, we tested the networks side by side in other areas of the city and observed similar results.

We can’t jump to any hard conclusions until we are able to test T-Mobile’s network in other cities, but for now, it’s safe to say that T-Mobile’s LTE network is indeed speedier than AT&T’s LTE network, at least in New York City. Is this due to the fact that AT&T’s network is more congested with more users? Perhaps. We also can’t help but wonder if T-Mobile’s network will continue to remain this fast as its subscriber base grows. But for now, T-Mobile is on top. You can pick up the Samsing Mobile HotSpot Pro hotspot for free with a postpaid plan.

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