Withings Smart Sleep System Makes for a Blissful Night of Sleep

While sleep monitoring devices abound, the Withings’ Aura really stands out as a unique Smart Sleep System. The sleep sensor slips underneath your mattress. This feeds into the table side device with multi-colored LED dimming lights that utilize a research and data driven use of lighting wavelengths that promote the secretion of Melatonin, that lovely hormone that regulates our sleep cycle. This is combined with sound programs that attempt to imitate your body’s natural circadian rhythm, with the aim of relaxing you while you are falling asleep and waking you gently. There are also programs to help combat jet lag, or even just power nap and relax.

Much information is gathered through the night, such as body movements, breathing cycles, and heart rate, as well as bedroom environmental conditions such as noise pollution, room temperatures, and even light levels. This information is then fed into the Withings Aura mobile App wirelessly, where you can then see it visualized and analyzed. Who knew your sleep could be so interesting?

From the App you may be able to start narrowing down certain problems inhibiting sleep and adjust. You can also personalize your wake up schedule so that the Aura can then put you on a progressive wake up program at the most opportune time in your sleep cycle.

The Withings Aura will be available in Spring 2014 from select retail partners and on Withings for $299 along with the free mobile application.

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