Chris Brown Earns His Angel Wings with New Backpack Line

SpraygroundChris Brown has exhibited far less than angelic behavior in the past, so in an ironic move, the singer has partnered with Sprayground on a line of backpacks adorned with angel wings. The bags are designed with David Ben David who provides a unique refresh on the average backpack.

It’s pink-scale camo with angel wings – when you put that into words, it sounds as questionable as, well, Chris Brown’s character. But, put it into practice, and it turns out that the design works pretty well. It also helps that the backpack has tons of room, including a velour compartment for sunglasses and tons of hidden or otherwise pockets all over. That includes separate padded sleeves for a laptop and a tablet.

The Black Pyramid CB Pink Camo Wings Backpack, as it is fully called, is made of water-resistant polyester fabric, so this angel will still fly in the rain. Were the wings an intentional move to showcase a softer, gentler side of Chris Brown? Who knows – one thing is for sure, anyone who has the guts to pull this loud bag off – certainly has earned their wings and then some. You can grab it now from Sprayground for $99.




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