App Keeps Track of Every Live Moving Plane



With all of the news surrounding the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, it was inevitable for apps that track airplanes to become big news again.

For anyone with eyes to the sky, check out the new and improved Plane Finder app, which shows the comings and going of flights leaving from airports around the world.

It’s kind of mesmerizing to use – it’s hard to imagine just how many airplanes are actually in the sky until you get a visual. Seasoned and fresh travelers can get to studying when flights depart and arrive regularly, and if you have a particular flight in mind, you can find it easily and keep tabs on it while it’s in the air. Each airplane on the map is labeled by airline, which helps make things a little easier. You can also add alerts for when certain flights have departed, arrived, or been delayed.

If you’re just the curious type, you can use the augmented reality part of the app – point your phone or tablet up at an airplane passing overhead, and the app will let you know where it came from and where it’s going.

Plane Finder has been around since 2009, and has been a top app for much of its existence. The app has just gotten a fresh coat of paint, with some bug fixes and corrected information. The app covers most of the world’s airports, so regardless of where you live, if you’re interested in aviation, it’s worth checking out. Plane Finder is available for iOS for $4.99.

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