WannaGo is Yelp For Your Inner Circle of Friends


There’s been a lot of talk in startup circles about reining in the use of widespread search and recommendation services like Yelp, in favor of more localized, tightly knit networks. One of those is WannaGo, an app that keeps track of your favorite places while letting you know about discoveries that your closest friends have made.

If you hit a new restaurant or cafe that you really like, you can add it to your GoList. What really makes WannaGo work is sharing your GoList with your friends, which would be a tight-knit circle of people you know who also use WannaGo. But, the GoList by itself is pretty handy, too – like most rate and review services, every entry on your GoList will tell you contact information and directions. For restaurants, you’ll also be able to see menus and make reservations from within the app.

If you’re satisfied with Yelp, WannaGo probably doesn’t have that much to offer you. But, if you’re looking for input just from the people you know and trust, getting them all on board with WannaGo could be an easy way for you to tell everyone about that awesome new place you just discovered, or hear about someone else’s discovery. WannaGo is available now on the iTunes App Store, and is in development for Android.

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