Adobe Just Made Your Finger an Editing Machine with Lightroom Mobile for iPad


Adobe is finally bringing their Lightroom photo editing program to the world of mobile – kind of. Lightroom Mobile will let you edit your photos using Lightroom tools from your iPad, but it’s not exactly a standalone app, and you won’t be able to purchase it separately. Still, if you’re already invested in Adobe’s cloud-based services, it’s a nice addition to the family.

Lightroom Mobile is a companion app to the desktop version. You can edit photos by using smart previews – high-res photos stored on your desktop or other storage device that have been compressed. Everything you do in the mobile app will be synced to the cloud. So, once you get back to work on your desktop, all the changes you made on your iPad will be ready to go, but you’ll be able to view the photo in its full, uncompressed glory. Or, you can edit photos stored on your mobile device. Either way, everything will be synced to the cloud. Syncing also happens in the other direction – changes you make on the desktop will be applied in the mobile app.

With all that interoperability, it probably won’t surprise you to know that Lightroom Mobile isn’t available by itself. You’ll be able to access it if you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop Photography Program subscriber, which costs $9.99 per month. Of course, more expensive subscriptions that include Lightroom for the desktop will include Lightroom Mobile, as well.

Chances are if you’re an Adobe user, you’ve already been roped into one of their subscription programs. If that’s the case, then Lightroom Mobile is a useful new tool that lets you use Lightroom Mobile from the comfort of your couch or bed, while the desktop stays on the desk.