Delivering Confidential Micro SD Cards – All in a Day’s Work For an NYC Bike Messenger

carlUber is starting to move towards being an everything-on-demand company. A big part of that is going to be delivering anything and everything people want at a moment’s notice. Of course, to do that, Uber needs people to actually do the delivering.

So, how do you do that? By romanticizing the job! Romanticizing delivery jobs might sound like a tough task, but it’s a manageable one when you’re talking about the world of New York City, where the unexpected can be safely expected. It helps that Uber is going to be relying on bike messengers – probably because they can deliver things faster than anyone could in a car. The image of someone deftly speeding around the city on two wheels, snaking through stalled traffic to shave precious seconds off their delivery time, is a striking one already. But, throw in a name, a face, and a few eyebrow-raising clients, and the bike messenger job suddenly sounds pretty cool.

Uber talked to Carl, a bike messenger in New York City who will be working with Uber as they roll out their new delivery service. Carl speaks to how good the job is for young, athletic people (wink wink, nudge nudge to healthy, underemployed twenty-somethings), and how much of the city he’s gotten to see a result of his stint as a bike messenger – one that stretches back much farther than Uber’s operation.

The most interesting part of the job seems to be the clients. Carl shared with Uber his most extreme assignments, including delivering a Micro SD card holding confidential information to a government office. You can create your own stories around that as you please. Of course, there’s also the bits about celebrities and elite hangouts – the perfect carrot for anyone looking to get a glimpse of that world of luxury.

Uber wraps up with an earnest appeal for applicants to join their bike messenger team. Hey, it won’t earn you a living, but if you spend some time out of your week cycling aimlessly anyway, you might as well make some coin doing it.

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