2014 Kia Cadenza Survives Las Vegas: Review

If you want to abuse a car, take it to Las Vegas. And then make sure it has an insurmountable amount of people exiting and entering the car. Make sure it has a enough cup holders, USB ports for charging, and Bluetooth connectivity for people to share their music from any seat in the car. And the speaker should be blasting that music up and down the strip (but just low enough to avoid the attention of cops of course). And no matter what, the ride should be smooth and luxurious feeling. That is exactly what the 2014 Kia Cadenza is.

The Kia Cadenza is one the classiest sedan’s in the Kia fleet, as well as the priciest to date so far. This is a premium sedan from the inside and out. When first stepping in to the car, you’ll probably be shocked that this IS a Kia. The interiors are reminiscent of a Lexus, or even, shall I dare say it, a Mercedes Benz. Furthermore, the technology package, has just enough of everything without being over saturating. This package kept us entertained and our gadgets juiced as we made our way around town. It’s nice to see this ongoing trend for Kia – which is the fact that they are continuing to make sophisticated Infotainment systems and include essential ports and jacks. Having these additional features make Kia’s take on the affordable premium sedan a serious contender when it comes to the big boys in the arena.

And while the interior scream class and comfort – the exterior of the car is refined, sexy, and expensive looking. The trims and headlamps are typical of what you would find on other premium sedans. A portion of the headlights even illuminate and double as daytime running lights. Parking in garages with tight spaces can really put your vehicle in precarious situations, so it was nice to see that we weren’t left with dings or scratches in those cramped casino parking lots.

Another nicety is the trunk space. When you are lugging around lots of people, you want it to be able to hold all of their gear in between hotel drop-offs and beer runs. You know, the usual. We were able to cram in large and small luggage with some loose articles stuffed in between. However, there can be no IKEA runs for the Cadenza since the backseats don’t fold down. This is a bummer for those that really like to load up their car to a hilt. However, for anyone who has a nice car like this – I’m not sure how often you plan on schlepping long slabs of plywood.

While the Cadenza looks and feels great, we would have enjoyed a smoother ride in some instances. The car can still hit potholes hard, and while it doesn’t leave the frame of the car feeling rattled, it still doesn’t feel as bouncy as we would have liked it to be. The driving experience is still overall very smooth, but not as smooth as some of the other premium automobiles out there. That said, for everything you get it is a good solid ride. When it comes to gas per mileage, the Cadenza is just average with 19 city and 29 highway miles.


The Cadenza’s base price is $35,100 and can top out at $42k when fully loaded. While Kia has never been known to be a high-end automaker, they do share their parentage with Hyundai. So at times, the features (for good or bad) in the Hyundai fleet can blur with some of the same features that Kia offers. However, the Kia brand has managed to stand on its own two feet very well, and slowly but surely is making a real impact on the market. So if you are in the market for a premium car with a realistic price tag, the Cadenza is well worth the try. It offers everything you want without overkill by keeping it simple and tight on features that drivers and passengers really want.

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