Hello Kitty Toilet Sound Blocker is as Bad as it Sounds

eco-hime-sound-blocker-toilet-hello-kitty-2On the grand one-to-ten scale of embarrassing things, doing your business in the bathroom really shouldn’t be any more than a three. As that classic hallmark of Japanese, and now world, literature reminds us, everyone poops. And yet, when we close that door and begin our preparations, and we know people are within earshot, the muscles tense up. Whatever will they think?

As always, technology is helping us to tackle these burning problems – with an assist from Hello Kitty, because I know that’s the first face you associate with the bathroom (OK, seriously, I hope not, though). The Eco Hime Hello Kitty Toilet Sound Blocker is simple in its approach. Turn it on, and you get 27 seconds of the sound of running water. Now, in a way, that’s kind of horrifying, because now you have a time limit. Still, 27 seconds should be more than enough, unless you drank three gallons of water or just went to Taco Bell or something.

The Eco Hime Hello Kitty Toilet Sound Blocker comes in pink or purple, and has a handy little carabiner for your keychain, so you’ll be protected even in public restrooms (where I suppose it would be the most useful). You can get one now for $31, plus $12 for shipping.

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