ABC Greenlights New Comedy About Selfies – Starring Former Doctor Who Companion

We’ve already dug into a couple reasons why 2014 is going to be the year the selfie dies, because all the Internet knows how to do is kill fun things. Mark my words, on December 31, 2014, the mere sight of the word ‘selfie’ will set you into a dry heave. This is because no one knows when to stop.

So, who knows, maybe ABC is trying to do us all a favor and hasten the death of the selfie by firing the silver bullet into the big, hairy werewolf of anything hip – they’re greenlighting a network television sitcom about it. This fall, you can watch Selfie, or at least the three episodes, tops, that I give it.

Selfie is about Eliza Dooley, who is – ahem – ‘Instafamous.’ If you’re still with me, you have my admiration. Eliza, played by Karen Gillan (of Doctor Who fame), has a very specific 263,000 followers (how cool!), but realizes that – uh oh! – having 263,000 people following you online doesn’t mean you have 263,000 friends! So relatable! Of course, we can’t get out of this inning without someone dropping the word ‘rebrand,’ which is what she wants a marketing guru played by John Cho to help her do. So, in case you needed a reminder that some people do actually think of themselves as brands (no, this happens, not just in the show), here’s your must-see TV! Oh, and it’s supposed to be based on My Fair Lady. I’ll take their word for it.

I love it – is there anything more transparent than network television? It’s almost refreshing. It really is a shame about the show, though – at the rate we’re going, I just don’t know if the selfie can survive that many more months. It might have already followed planking into the aether by then.

Via Entertainment Weekly

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