This One Citi Bike Docking Station is The Worst

I can’t really speak to the overall quality of the Citi Bike bike share program in NYC, but it’s pretty clear that this one docking station is absolutely reprehensible.

Fox 5 News has the story of a man, his video, and a lot of people really frustrated with Citi Bikes. The subject of the video lives in an apartment overlooking a Citi Bike docking station, and so he bears witness to a great struggle that plays out daily. Two of the docks in the station in particular seem to be the culprits – they don’t seem to be capable of actually docking, keeping their riders hopelessly chained to bikes they’re more than ready to part ways with. This devolves into frustrated slamming of bikes into docks, which, unsurprisingly, makes for a pretty good YouTube video.

Our videographer still likes the Citi Bike idea, though. That said, I don’t think we ever got confirmation that he actually uses Citi Bikes.

New York News

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