Did You Know Diane Keaton Has Pinterest Boards?

Now you do! They’re worth a look, too, as they reveal the actress’ fascination with fashion, architecture, and interior design. Pinterest interviewed Keaton about her Pinterest habits, which were inspired by a childhood filled with scrapbooking – you know, 20th century Pinterest. Talking about the childhood, Keaton said “I was 15 when I collaged my entire bedroom wall in black and white photographs I’d cut out from Vogue Magazine. Later I became an early tear sheet fanatic. This is why Pinterest has been such a home run for me. Pinterest provides more photographic “fixes” (I am an addict) than anywhere else on earth!”

Visit Diane Keaton’s profile on Pinterest.

Keaton also has some pretty fresh takes of her own when it comes to design, favoring black and white because it doesn’t detract from the people actually living in the space. There’s plenty more in the interview about her design philosophies in general and behind some of her Pinterest boards, including After a Fashion, Factory Floor, and Home Library.

If you want to get a better feel for the designer side of Diane Keaton, read the interview in full over on Pinterest and check out her boards.

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