Dr. Dre Welcomes Jay Z to the Jungle, Remixes Game Before the Game Commercial

For anyone who follows Dr. Dre’s Twitter account, you were probably left scratching your head at first when he sent a random tweet welcoming Jay Z to the Jungle..”Welcome to the jungle @S_C_” to be exact.

No one really knew what it meant, but it certainly got his Twitter followers curious, with some simply retweeting or asking what this was all about. Well we finally got the answer tonight, and during game 5 of the NBA Finals, Jay Z remixed the track ‘Jungle’ for a special version of the Beats by Dr. Dre “Game Before The Game” ad.

‘Jungle’ by American rock band X Ambassadors, and British artist Jamie N Commons, was also heard during the second season teaser for Orange is the New Black. Is this going to be the song of Summer 2014? It is certainly looking that way.

The new Jay-Z version of the song track will be available for one week exclusively for Beats Music subscribers, but in the meantime you can watch the remixed version of the commercial right here.