No More Stumbling Around in the Dark

You know the drill. The baby cries. You run to answer the call, only to stub your toe on the toy truck parked by your bed. Or you’re a night owl who’s partner goes apoplectic when you turn the lights grab that middle of the night snack. Here’s a high tech twist on the night light that might be the perfect answer.

Based on LEDs and looking very much like the set of emergency exit lights on airplane aisles, mylight’s bedlight offers soft lighting where you need it. It detects when you step out of bed and it turns on the light.

The light is a plastic strip studded with small LEDs. You attach the strip to the floor under your bed. The lights are activated using motion detectors (two are included). When the light is activated it emits a soft glow that spreads out from under your bed, providing enough light to see, without the stun you get when you turn on the overheard light.

The installation is simple – no handy person required. You do need to lie on the floor looking up at your bed so dust bunnies are backache are two potential obstacles. It only took a few minutes for me to set nightlight up, and since everything gets plugged in to an outlet I knew I wouldn’t be crawling down there again to replace batteries. The wiring and lighting strips supplie with the kit were more than generous. You might want to use some cable ties to make it a little bit of tidier spot. Somewhat surprisingly, in my bedroom, the light would come on day or night, whenever I walked near the bed.

For those who wake up throughout the night, have kids who search them out at night, or anyone who might hurt themselves while traipsing around in the dark, bedlight is a convenient, clever and affordable answer. A bedlight with a single motion sensor bed is $59.99; the dual sensor version is $74.99. Available online at www.mylight.me and other online retailers.

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