Applebee’s Files for “No Tech Tuesday” Trademark – How Will I Instagram My Buffalo Wings?

Applebee’s sees you at that circular booth, party of six. Applebee’s sees over half of you, heads down, eyes on smartphone. And you know what? They don’t like it one bit. Probably.

Right now, ‘No Tech Tuesday’ exists only as a trademark filing, so it’s hard to gauge the level of disdain Applebee’s has for your smartphone habits. According to a report from Today, Applebee’s has ‘no concrete plans’ for the trademark, so someone in marketing probably thought of it a few weeks ago while in the bathroom or taking a shower or something. Still, that there is shade being thrown in technology’s direction is unmistakeable.

Applebee’s is still going ahead with plans to install tablets at all the tables in their restaurants, though. Maybe they just don’t want you to use your tech. On Tuesdays. In fact, an Applebee’s spokesman quoted in the Today report said the trademark likely wouldn’t end up connected to the restaurant at all. I guess it would just be a social media thing. Trying and failing to make a Throwback Thursdays knockoff work on a nationwide level is exactly the kind of thing I could see Applebee’s doing.

Anyway, it’s good that this isn’t going to be connected to the restaurant. Because, if I’m looking at chain restaurant promotions, TGI Friday’s endless $10 appetizers is going to top No tech Tuesdays, always. They’ll let me Instagram my buffalo wings as many times as I can handle, any day of the week.

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