If At First You Don’t Succeed, Rob the Same Cell Phone Store Again

Credit for persistence, I guess? After trying and failing to rob a mobile phone store in New York back in May, some guy got a bunch of his friends together and pulled off a poor man’s Ocean’s Eleven. He successfully robbed the same store on Wednesday with a couple accomplices, making off with cash and phones.

The May heist went wrong when the guy brandished a gun and forced an employee to the ground, but subsequently failed to navigate the display case and left empty-handed. I’m not sure if the glass on the display case is really tough, or if he just didn’t want to make a scene by breaking it. Either way, trying to rob a store and getting nothing must be really humiliating!

And so, this guy got some friends together, and on Wednesday got his own small-time crook form of vindication, succeeding where he had failed not three months earlier. Looks like the security camera got a pretty good shot of his face, though, so I’m not sure how long he’s going to be able to enjoy the ill-gotten fruits of his labor.

Via NY Daily News

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