BikeCharge Dynamo Turns Your Bicycle Into a Mobile Battery Pack

Like efficiency? You’re going to love the BikeCharge Dynamo, a dynamo that can harness your pedal power and use it to charge your mobile devices.

The tiny BikeCharge Dynamo can be easily mounted to your bike’s front wheel, where it’ll take the energy produced by the turning of the axle and convert it into usable power. That power can either go to the front and rear lights on the Dynamo itself or to one of your mobile devices, thanks to a USB 2.0 port. Of course, you’ll want to tape a USB cable along your bike frame to make sure it doesn’t get caught in the spokes, but if you can handle the DIY work in mounting the Dynamo, that bit of extra work should be no problem.

The 1,100 mAh battery inside the Dynamo can be fully charged with 2.5 hours of cycling at an average of 12 mph. It’s not a huge battery, but it’s a cool and unobtrusive way to get a little extra battery life on your phone while you’re cycling to and from work. After all, if you can get a little extra out of your pedaling power, why not?

The BikeCharge Dynamo can be purchased directly from Bike2Power for $120.

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