Celebrate 2015 with these 4 Entertainment Apps for Windows 8.1 [Video]

We all know how versatile the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is, thanks to its 360 degree hinge and four modes of use. That’s all well and good, but hardware and design only get you so far. With Windows 8.1, the apps can really make the experience, and fortunately there’s a lot to enjoy on the Yoga 3 Pro.

Hosting a dinner party in 2015? You’ll want to Yoga 3 Pro and Windows 8.1 as your constant companions. You can flip the Yoga 3 Pro into stand mode to give you full, easy access to the touchscreen in the kitchen, where you can use the Yoga Chef App to whip up some delicious eats for your guests. Of course, you’ll probably have to go into laptop mode to fire off a few emails to make sure no one gets lost on the way, because nothing kills the party spirit like unnecessary time spent in the car.

When everyone arrives, you can get back into stand mode and set the mood with some tunes using any number of music apps, like Vevo. Then, enjoy the party—just make sure to take lots of pictures, because you’ll want to rotate all 360 degrees into tablet mode to use Lenovo Photo Master, which will help you create awesome holiday albums that you can share with everyone. And, after all that, you can flop down onto the couch, get into tent mode, and unwind with some Netflix until you doze off.

These Windows 8.1 apps are available on countless devices, but the Yoga 3 Pro has something special to help you get the most out of them, and we’re not just talking about the famed flexibility. The Yoga 3 Pro features Lenovo’s new Harmony software, which optimizes your apps’ performance based on what mode you’re in. Put the Yoga 3 Pro in stand mode, and you’ll get an extra boost from the Intelligent Audio JBL Speakers and Waves Audio’s Maxx Technology, ensuring that those tunes come in loud enough to get inside everyone’s head. Or, when you’re reading off a recipe from an eCookbook, the Yoga 3 Pro will automatically adjust the brightness and background color on the display to give you the most comfortable reading experience. Harmony can even help you find even more new apps to enjoy, suggesting apps that work best for each of the four modes.

No matter what you’re planning, the Yoga 3 Pro has the flexibility to meet your needs (and most of your wants, too). And, with Harmony, it might just be the best way to enjoy Microsoft’s ever-growing library of Windows 8.1 apps.


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