This Guy’s eBay Auction Ended Very Badly

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before—someone buys a high-priced item on eBay and gets sent a picture of that item, along with the realization that the auction page was worded just carefully enough to not be an outright lie. It’s a nasty old trick, and it sure looks like it’s happened to another guy in Ilfracombe, England, who is now the not-so-proud owner of a black-and-white picture of a MacBook Pro. They couldn’t even spring for a color photo.

Paul Barrington was the victim, a surfer whose bout with bullous emphysema forced him to sell the board. He used that money to bid on what he thought was a MacBook Pro, but after winning the auction with a £300 bid, he got the picture, instead. Rough!

It’s also a reminder that spotting these scams is no longer as easy as checking the user’s rating. In this case, the seller’s account had been around for a few years and wasn’t overtly suspicious. That’s probably because scammers are generally an intelligent lot, and probably realized a while ago that trying to scam someone with a brand new account probably wasn’t going to generate any returns. The new con is to build up a reputable account (or buy or hack one), then scam away and hope eBay sides with them in a case of he said/she said. That’s more than likely what happened here, so watch out for that.

Via The Mirror