Allergic to Cats? Teeny Tiny Kitten in a Box Provides You With A Virtual One

Want a kitten without the responsibility of pet ownership? Unsurprisingly, the solution is a kitty on your smartphone. There are many ways to get kitties on your smartphone, YouTube being the obvious one, but fewer ways to properly give one as a gift. This is the promise of Teeny Tiny Kitten in a Box.

The Teeny Tiny Kitten in a Box comes in a small box like what you might find a bracelet in. The box itself has no kitten, although there is a picture of your digital kitten on the box lid. Open the box, and there’s a considerably less cute code that needs to be scanned using a companion app, called Zappar. Zappar has their own codes that, when combined with something like a poster or a product in the real world, push interactive media to your smartphone when scanned. Scan the code in this box, and a kitten shows up on screen, as promised.

It’s a mixed bag. You can play with the kitten on screen, but you cannot cuddle with the kitten, which seems like a significant drawback. If you have allergies, this might be the next-best thing, though.

If it seems a little hokey to buy a box with a code in it to get a tiny interactive kitten on your phone, a lot of people don’t agree. The first run of Teeny Tiny Kittens in Boxes is already gone, although we’re not totally sure what the limiting factor on production here is. The bows that go on the boxes? I don’t know how difficult those are to acquire. Anyway, they’ll start shipping out again sometime in the new year, and you can get an email notification as soon as they do.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I’m the creator of teeny tiny kitten in a box, and I’m pleased to say we have kittens back in stock, just in time for Valentines. Why did we run out of the first run so fast? Well, we’re a shoestring startup and we’re currently handling all of the fulfillment in my living room! 😀
    My cats wish me to add that this toy will never replace a real cat, especially the cuddly factor. 🙂 But we’re committed to making it a lot of adorable fun in a small box. Onward and cuteward!

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