Man Uses Storm Jonas Snow to Offer Igloo On Airbnb

With all the controversy over landlord abuses and illegal hotels, you’d think Airbnb would be happy to display a listing safe from those firestorms. Sadly, they decided to take down the listing of a Brooklyn man who built a cozy two-person snow hut in his backyard with the inches and inches (and feet) of snow that fell over the weekend.

The listing was gone too soon, but as hastily-made snow huts go, it looked pretty good. Patrick Horton of Brooklyn even went through the trouble of furnishing the snow hut, with a blanket, pillows, and candles on the inside and a small potted tree tastefully nested by the entryway on the outside. Airbnb cited a lack of running water, electricity, and a door or some such nonsense when taking it down, killing what could’ve been a lucrative one-week enterprise for the east coast.

We can no longer see the original listing, but previous reports have indicated that it used such words as “alt-lifestyle aura,” “natural elements,” and “bae.” Horton was definitely planning on making he most of this snow hut’s limited life span, though — the India Street Igloo was going for $200 per night, and according to replies to Horton’s orignal tweet, there was interest. Airbnb just can’t stop tripping over itself in New York.

Via The Daily Mail