Web Links Crashing Your Apps on iOS 9.3? Here’s a Temporary Fix

As always, there are a number of bugs affecting iOS users who have downloaded a recent iOS update. This time, iOS 9.3 is causing multiple Apple and third party apps to crash when users tap or long press on web links. Not good! Fortunately, the number of people affected is limited (possibly to those who have downloaded a certain third party app), but if your phone has come down with this bug, there’s something you can do in the meantime while you wait for Apple to push out something more permanent.

According to MacRumors, the bug may have something to do with the Booking.com app and they way one of its association files interacts with iOS 9.3. Hard to say for sure whether or not that’s the case, and oddly enough, there have been reports of those on iOS 9.2.1 experiencing the problem.

The MacRumors report says that the problem can be temporarily fixed by turning off JavaScript by going into settings>Safari>advanced. Not ideal, but if you need to use links using any number of iOS apps, it’s better than nonstop crashes. The bug has affected Safari, Mail, Messages, and Notes, along with several third party apps including Chrome, so if you got nailed with it, it’s a pretty frustrating problem to have. Apple hasn’t yet responded, but chances are a fix will come in shortly.

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