Funko Is Going Gold With These Awesome Golden Girls Figurines

It’s all going right for fans of The Golden Girls this week. First we heard about an official Golden Girls cafe on its way to New York later this year, and now we’ve got Funko giving all four best friends the Pop! treatment. We wouldn’t be surprised if these figurines ended up in that cafe, either.

In August, Funko Pop! vinyl figurines for Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia, and Rose will start shipping out to retailers, online boutiques and those dedicated enough to preorder. Blanche is rocking all red, while Sophia looks like she isn’t about to say something horrendous to someone, which is exactly the kind of looks-can-be-deceiving feel her figurine needs. Rose looks about as close to Betty White as a big-headed, big-eyed vinyl figurine can. But, it’s the Dorothy Pop! that really shines here, looking wholly unimpressed with her surroundings. The crossed arms were an inspired touch.


All four girls will be released together, because how it could it be any other way? Thing is, I feel like you have to buy them all together, too, because of all the squads that shouldn’t be split up for any reason, this one has to be way up high on the list. We’re also getting more and more excited about these Pop! figurines — now that they’ve done justice to most of the superhero circuit, we can’t wait to see what they’re going to start drawing on for inspiration. Yes, this is the part where I stump for MacGyver and Knight Rider figurines.

If you want The Golden Girls in Pop! form, it’ll cost you $11 each. They’re available for preorder now on Entertainment Earth and will ship out sometime in August.

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