Catch Your Nidoking or Nidoqueen With These 23 Pokémon Engagement (and Just Because!) Rings

Has a summer of Pokémon Go led you to the greatest catch of all? No, not Mew. True love! Whether you are looking for the perfect engagement ring or wedding band or just a ring to serve as a memento of the summer of Pokémon, we have found 23 rings that will wow you.

Pokéball Engagement Ring


What other symbol could there be for true love but the Pokéball? This ring can come with synthetic or genuine aquamarine and peridot gems in a sterling silver or 14k white gold setting.

Art Gems Jewelers – $200-$850

Master Ball Ring

Only use it if your S.O. is a legendary catch! This gorgeous ring is made of 14k white gold, diamonds, amethysts, and topaz and made to size.

mooredesign13/Etsy – $1,770

I Choose You!


A Pokémon ring with gold, diamond, pearl, and ruby? Someone respects their Pokémon history. This ring is actually two in one — the engagement ring and the wedding band fit together, with the giant pearl staying on the engagement ring when separated.

mooredesigns13/Etsy – $400-$1,100

Pokémon Band


The couple that plays together stays together.

jewelrybyjohan/Etsy – $620

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