Chipotle Will Now Use Drones To Deliver Burritos Because the World Is That Awesome

We’ve already got pizza falling from the sky, so what’s a burrito or two? Virginia Tech will be the site of the next great drone delivery experiment, with Chipotle partnering up with Alphabet (Google’s parent company) and the university’s Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership for a pilot program that will use drones to deliver burritos to students.

According to Bloomberg and a Virginia Tech blog post, the food will be prepared at a nearby Chipotle food truck, which will then be hauled off by a quadcopter and lowered down at an FAA-designated test site by a retractable tether, which seems to have become the agreed upon means of careful drone delivery (we were hoping for parachutes, but hey). The drones will come from Project Wing, which is part of X. That mysterious sounding company used to be the experimental wing of Google, but got spun off into its own thing when Google created Alphabet as a new umbrella company. Anyway, sounds like the typical way most of us get a burrito right? Well, if this takes off, I will miss the romantic and whimsical ambiance of Chipotle, but seeing a robot deliver a burrito would be priceless.

It’s also a brave new world for Chipotle. Unlike Domino’s, which has a long, rich delivery history, Chipotle usually demands that we come to them. “It’s the first time that we’re actually out there delivering stuff to people who want that stuff,” Dave Vos, the head of Project Wing, told Bloomberg in an interview.

The trial is expected to start this month and should last a few weeks. One of the main things they will be focusing on is making sure the burritos retain heat WHILE THEY TRAVEL THROUGH THE SKY. And no one wants a drone-delivered cold burrito. That’s just ridiculous.

Via Nerds Magazine

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