Christmas Car Tree Is Hitting the Road, And It’s As Silly As It Sounds

So, you love the Christmas tree tradition, but you know you’ll be driving to someone else’s house for the big day. Kind of an anticlimactic end for all the work you’ve done with the ornaments and lights! Well, it doesn’t have to go down like that this year. No, this year, you’ll be able to get yourself a Christmas tree that can make the road trip along with you.

Normally, this would call to mind a freshly chopped pine tree strapped precariously to the top of a station wagon, but that’s not what the Christmas Car Tree is about. We’re talking about a mini Christmas tree that can stand proud on the top of your moving car, lights and all, spreading holiday cheer to everyone else stuck in traffic!


It’s really in the DIY spirit of the holidays, too. The tree — a 2.5′ fake tree with lights attached — comes with an aluminum frame that can be affixed to the top of a car with suction cups and further held in place by elastic cords. And, there’s a power cord that can be snaked down into the car and into the cigarette lighter port to get those lights turned on. If you’re worried about low overpasses, the tree stem can be folded down, too, but you might have to pull over to do that. Then again, if you get bad holiday luck, you can probably just hop out while you’re stuck in traffic and get it done.

That’s about it! Set this guy up, roll down the windows and blast some carols, and you might be not be the most popular car on the road, but you’ll definitely be the most memorable. And hey, the holidays are all about making memories, right?

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