Blast the Imperial March From This Limited Edition Star Wars 2017 Nissan Rogue

The Rogue is a relatively new addition to Nissan’s family of vehicles, getting its start in 2007 when the market started heating up for smaller, more efficient SUVs. It was, as it turns out, a fortuitous choice of name. I can only imagine the rejoicing in a boardroom somewhere when the title of the first standalone Star Wars film was announced as Rogue One. The payoff? It’s a limited edition release of the 2017 Rogue, complete with Imperial details and a 1:1 replica Death Trooper helmet. We’ve seen a lot of licensed Star Wars merch in our day, but this might have just raised the bar to, dare we say, insurmountable heights (yes, that’s a challenge).

Announced at the Los Angeles Auto Show a couple weeks ago (alongside marching Stormtroopers, no less), the Nissan Rogue: Star Wars Rogue One Limited Edition is the regular crossover SUV with some Star Wars extras. On the exterior, there are Rogue One plates, Rebel and Empire emblems, and ‘Star Wars’ in proper font on the top of the rear bumper. Helpfully, if you get into a fender bender, you can express your rage by donning the replica Death Trooper mask, which is included and individually numbered. There are also floormats and cupholders with the Rebel and Empire emblems, and some special interior lighting. If we’re being real, the car extras aren’t that great — the limited edition helmet seems to be the big prize.


The car will come in black or white, depending on which type of trooper you prefer. Interestingly enough, you won’t be pushed toward the most expensive trim if you’re interested — Nissan is making the limited edition add-ons available on the mid-tier SV trim, although you’ll need to also get the Sun and Sound Touring Package. The Star Wars extras cost an additional$1,990. According to Nissan, the whole thing will run you $28,950 before all those other new car-related fees and taxes, and possibly a tribute to the Empire. Nissan is making 5,000 Star Wars models available in the United States, plus another 400 in Canada (you can sign up for one on their site). Seems like a lot for what may be the most expensive publicly available piece of licensed Star Wars merch ever, but far be it from me to question the power of the Dark Side.



Via TechnoBuffalo

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